Taxi Digital Marketing


I created a Digital Marketing Agency that combines digital Brand Consulting, Web Design, Social Media and Digital Advertising services. Taxi Digital Marketing is a boutique web design & branding agency that consults with  small businesses and non-profits with the designing and maintaining of their digital brand, websites, hosting, domain, web analytics, SEO, statistics, digital advertising campaigns, marketing, and [...]

American Express


I developed a digital intranet site for employee training & effective communication for the Sales Team of the American Express Corporate Card division of their Travel department. This intranet project took a 6 week training program and consolidated all of the information and training materials into an instantly accessible encyclopedia available at the sales persons [...]

University of Phoenix


I developed a sales training workshop for effective sales communication called ROQNROL, which is an acronym for the 7 Principles of Sales Communication. This training program was presented to classes of new hires in the Sales Department. The success of the program led to the creation of a Technical Writing department for the University of [...]