University of Phoenix


I developed a sales training workshop for effective sales communication called ROQNROL, which is an acronym for the 7 Principles of Sales Communication. This training program was presented to classes of new hires in the Sales Department. The success of the program led to the creation of a Technical Writing department for the University of [...]

Hewlett Packard


I created a revenue reporting system to correlate field sales with the inside sales team for Hewlett Packard. I managed pilot programs with selected teams, such as User Interface module to determine improvements to a proprietary software program, and an instant chat customer support team pilot which provided for technical information and guidance in the sales, operation [...]

Main Street Gourmet


I developed increased production techniques using the KANBAN system, (a Japanese work  system that can be compared to the assemble line of the American Henry Ford style, only putting workstations into "work cells" which creates efficiencies in production.) This increase in production capabilities led the company to expansion for the Cambritt Cookie Company into the [...]