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The Groovy Christmas Song

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The song “Groovy Christmas” was written & performed by my Dad in the late 60’s when he was in The Tropics band, a Florida beach garage pop band made famous for it’s great stage show and cult following.

In 1966 The Tropics won The International Battle of the Bands held at the famous McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. The Band took first place over more than 1000 bands, which included names as Chicago and Tommy James & The Shondells. Out of that came a recording contract with Columbia Records and the single “Take the Time,” produced by Teo Macero, which made it to the top of the charts and got a “92” on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.

Trying to capture the timelessness of the song, I put together a tribute video that I hope you enjoy.

Hope you have a Groovy Christmas!

From “Beyond the Beat Generation” Interview With Charlie Souza, vocalist of The Tropics: Florida’s Number One ’60s Show Band

[Lance Monthly] First things first . . . The FUZZ ACID & FLOWERS web site states that the Tropics were “also known as Chipper.” Could you clarify this, please?

Charlie Souza: Chipper is my son’s name. I recorded a Christmas song entitled “Groovy Christmas” the year he was born (1967), and since it was more like a children’s song. I used Chipper as the artist’s name.





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From “Live Your Dream” book by Charlie Souza

“The music came alive in my dad’s first musical adventure. The Tropics were Florida’s best illustration of the beach garage pop music scene in the late 60’s. California had the bright sensibilities of the Beach Boys in all of their five part harmony surf music glory, but Florida had a scene that was unique and all it’s own. And the greatest band to come out of that era was The Fabulous Tropics.” ~ Chip Souza

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