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Making Music Videos for My Friends

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I really enjoy the creative process of making music videos. I look at it like: if you can tell a story with the images, and match them up a little bit with the lyrics, the feel of the song can come across stronger even if it’s a a movie that’s 3 minutes or less. Here are just a few of my music videos that I did for other song projects.

Phil Adamek

Phil is a great friend from school days in the distant past. We’ve kept in touch over the years, and the miles.. he now lives in Japan and has a great band called duboi.. You can follow them on their Facebook Page and check out Phil’s YouTube Channel… He’ll upload some stuff that they do when their not in the studio.

He came to me with an idea to cover a Phil Ochs song song called “Spaceman” and asked me if I could make a video for it. So, when I heard Phil’s version, with his additional lyrics & stylings, what I got from it was a song tribute to the “Spaceman” and the quest for traveling in space, with the question: With all that technology, what did it bring us? Down on planet earth, with all our petty commercialisms, was the space race just a movie? And what are we really glorifying anyways?

Here is the video:



I first discovered Elizabeth Dossano on ReverbNation, a site dedicated to showcasing independent musicians. I really liked her song September followed up by White Fall. Her musical styling is terrific and original. Here is her Facebook page.

So when I heard “Kill” I thought that I recognized a couple of themes that she was capturing: the relationships between two people, and that maybe they are not the best match, and that people put themselves through those bad situations, almost on purpose, or maybe they don’t realize it, like a karmic lesson unlearned. In making this video, I thought I’d explore how a girl grows up with this past imprint on her heart that keeps her traveling down this same road: the perfect life of a couple turned sour. Who’s killing who?

Here is the video:


Charlie Souza

And of course, there’s my Dad.. Well now.. here’s a tune I wrote, and my Dad grabbed on to it, and mastered my tracks in a St. Pete FL studio. It’s called “Free As a Bird.”  I learned a thing or two about songwriting from my Pops, after all, he was rockin’ over the years with the likes of the Rascals, and Tom Petty, not to mention his own success as a solo artist. You can check out my dad’s history and current website showcasing his Rock n Roll career.

While the music and general idea for “Free As a Bird” is mine, he took it further with lyrics & arrangement. With a nicely layered Sitar.. (I was raised by hippies and Beatles, so what do you expect?) this adult contemporary song talks about being as free as you put your mind to be. And that putting in the past, those wrong ideas of the world: wars, conflict, etc.. and moving forward with PEACE. Notice the doves in the video? The dove is the symbol for peace, right? Can we spread our wings and rise above?

Here is the video:

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