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The TOP targeting technique for Facebook ADS

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I worked for Facebook in the Advertising department. My job was to consult with businesses in optimizing strategy and adopting new ad products. I educated both business and ad agencies on how to be successful with Facebook Advertising campaigns.

It was a lot of fun. With my back round in WordPress web design, the experience gave me the added boost that I was looking for to round out my career.

The intention of the Facebook educational program (now closed, but still available in New Zealand) was to show how to follow Facebook best practices, provide tips & tricks, and offer guidance to those small businesses looking for ways to be successful with Facebook Advertising.

And so, my typical conversations were about Sale Funnels, ad campaigns, click through rates, targeted demographics, customer acquisition costs, behavioral profiles, impressions, brand awareness, driving traffic, and delivering a cost effective digital marketing strategy.

And I know what you’re saying: “All I want to do is run a good ad that works”

The best way to spruce up your Facebook Advertising, is to get real good at targeting the right Audience for your business. So, here is a cheap and cheerful way I used to explain Interest Targeting.  Use this acronym to remember how to define your Audience in the most optimum way:

The T.O.P. Technique

When defining Interests, you can zero in on your potential customers by better profiling your potential audience, and really find the sweet spot.


Topics of Conversation:

What are your customers talking about on Facebook? What are they currently “liking” or “sharing”? What do you think would be interesting to your perfect customer?

Organizations & Associations

What groups or clubs does your target audience belong to? What association do they have a membership in? What organizations are your customers involved with?

People & Places

Who does your client follow on Facebook? Celebrities? Influencers? Brands? Companies? (Competition?) Where are your clients interested in? Cities? Events?


These questions will help you discover your “sweet spot” of potential target audience. Your answers and approach may vary, depending upon whether you are a Brick & Mortar, a Brick & Click, Online only, or E-Commerce, however, in general, if you follow the guideline for T.O.P. Interest Targeting, your ad dollars will reach a targeted audience that has a higher propensity to buy.

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