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It’s not a Funnel, it’s a Journey

chip souza facebook marketing
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I am so sick of the Funnel this, and the Funnel that.. you know what? We all sound like morons talking about funnels, and conversions, and click throughs, etc. that we got lost in the techno babble speak of the Direct Digital Marketer, and forgot what we are really speaking about:

It’s about the Customer Journey

Think of it this way: what is the Customer doing? How are they experiencing your Brand?  Let’s take a look at an average Brand Experience on Facebook:

Let’s say I am your potential customer, and you are a Farmers Market. Here was my journey that led me to you: I first saw a video on Facebook, and became Aware of your farmer’s market business.

chip souza facebook marketing

Then I then saw a boosted post and liked it, and commented on it, becoming part of your community.

chip souza facebook marketing

I then clicked on a multiple image ‘click to website’ ad because now you have generated a demand to get to know more about your Farmers Market, moving me closer to a sale.

chip souza facebook marketing

I finally was shown a single image ad, and that is when I made a purchase. Maybe in your mind, it was a ‘conversion’ (another techno babble marketer speak) but in my experience, I made a Purchase.

chip souza facebook marketing


This may be YOUR “funnel” but it is MY Journey.

So the next time you are wondering what Facebook campaign may be good at any given time, remember to look at the path that leads to your purchase door, and that you are building that experience as the Customer Journey.

chip souza facebook marketing

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