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Accelerated Delivery of your Facebook Ads for Quick Reach

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Ads delivery on Facebook

Ads on Facebook are typically delivered at an even pace over the duration of a campaign. This benefits advertisers that want to reach their target audience consistently over a given period of time. However, sometimes advertisers want to show their ads to their target audiences as quickly as possible. Accelerated delivery can help advertisers achieve these goals by removing the budget pacing control. This can help advertisers get more of their desired outcome, such as impressions or conversions, earlier on in their campaigns.

Accelerated Delivery

Reach your audience more quickly on Facebook to meet your business goals.
Accelerated delivery can be valuable for marketers who want to:
Reach more people as quickly as possible within a target audience. If you want to reach people in your target audience during a shorter time period, such as during a live event or TV show, you can use accelerated delivery to align Facebook ads with these events. In addition, this delivery option can help you reach more people at key times or in key markets, for events like product launch announcements or film releases.
Drive actions or conversions as early as possible during a campaign. Accelerated delivery can help you deliver as many ads as possible while staying under a specific cost per conversion or cost per app install.
Maximize delivery during key times of year. Accelerated delivery can help deliver your ads quickly during high priority times of the year for your business, such as the holidays or back-to-school season. In addition, this delivery option can help businesses more effectively advertise limited-time sales and promotions.

How to use accelerated delivery:

In order to use accelerated delivery, you must specify a manual bid. Under the “Pricing” section in the ads interface, select “Set the amount a [x] is worth to you”, and specify your desired bid.

Best practices

1. For best results, set your campaign duration to be at least 2 hours. Shorter campaigns may be at greater risk for under-delivery.
2.  Upload your ads as far in advance as possible. Accelerated delivery does not change the time it takes for an adto be approved via the ad review process.
3. Set your bid at your target maximum value for the outcome you’re optimizing towards. With accelerated delivery, Facebook will show ads to people to get you more of those outcomes earlier in your campaign, subject to your bid.

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