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What’s New on Facebook for Business this Month

What’s New on Facebook for Business this Month

Each month we round up all the Facebook marketing materials that we’ve published in the last 30 days to help marketers keep up with what’s new. Here are the updates and resources that went live in April.

Based on data from a test we ran earlier this year and new Facebook IQ research , this month we shared updated recommendations for creating video ads for mobile feed .

We made some updates to messaging to make it easier for people to find the businesses they want to connect with on both Facebook and Messenger.

We also updated our branded content policy , so marketers can work with publishers and public figures to share branded content on Facebook through ads or organic posts.

Our tips on how to get the most out of leads ads are beneficial to advertisers who want to start using lead ads or ones who want to optimize their lead ad campaigns.

Pub in Pub Episode 6 went live on April 6 to finish season two. We also posted all the videos from season 2 in one place so you can easily watch the whole season.

Kids fashion retailer, Sparkle in Pink, achieved their best ever conversion rates when they used slideshow ads to showcase their new products.

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