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What’s New on Facebook Business this Month

What’s New on Facebook Business this Month

If you’re looking for everything new on Facebook Business, you’ve come to the right place. Just like in May , April and March , here’s a list of all the Facebook marketing materials published this month to help marketers keep up to date. Here are the updates and resources that went live in June.

We made exciting announcements at the Cannes Lions Festival, including updates to Facebook storytelling tools: slideshow and canvas, a new Audience Insights API and a new Creative Hub to help agencies learn about and share Facebook marketing formats. Read the news .

We announced new solutions for businesses to increase and measure store visits and in-store sales following their Facebook ad campaigns.

Our tips on getting the most out of dynamic ads are great to help advertisers with lots of products reach the right people with the right ads.

We launched a new series on the blog highlighting our different partner categories and how they help marketers. Learn about what Facebook Marketing Partners and Instagram Partners who specialize in content marketing partners can do for your business.

A recent study found that creative quality determines 75% of impact as measured by brand and Ad Recall scores.

At Facebook, we understand the importance of actionable real-time metrics. Read how we’re helping to redefine digital metrics .

USAA used video ads on Facebook and Instagram to reach a wider audience with its TV ads and saw a 75% incremental reach compared to TV .Pro football team, Miami Dolphins ran a series of lead ads to encourage fans to sign up for a tour of its new stadium, generating 4,600 high-quality leads —more than any other campaign to date.New York’s Peloton Cycle boosted showroom visits and online bike sales with Facebook local awareness ads, generating 25% of online sales at […]

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