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Save That Hot Post on Instagram


Starting now, people can now SAVE POSTS they’d like to remember and revisit, right from feed. Which means you can start hoarding that awesome #foodporn you’ve been secretly guilty pleasuring on.

This includes all ad formats except dynamic ads

What? Now users can save ADS?  Ghee, that means they can save a coupon! Or a code, or a clue in a big Treasure Hunt that happens at your brick & mortar store! Advertisers >>> #thankmelater

When users see a post they want to save, they can now tap the new bookmark icon underneath the post. These posts will be surfaced on a new, private tab that’s only visible to the user.



Facebook/Instagram will not be surfacing metrics around number of saves similar to how it doesn’t report on number of direct messages sent, etc. As this continues to improve, Facebook/Instagram will look for ways to surface more information to the user about the user’s content. Note that Facebook/Instagram does not yet have studies that show how saves correlate with business metrics and objectives.

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