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New Ways to Watch Facebook Video


This week FB announced several updates that make watching videos on Facebook a richer and more engaging experience. Two updates I want to highlight in particular are vertical video in News Feed and Sound-on video.

  • Vertical video in News Feed now comes with a more generous crop of 2:3 (previously FB cropped vertical videos in News Feed to 1:1 square). To watch a vertical video in fullscreen format, simply tap on the video to expand it.
    • What this means for you: When creating vertical videos, FB recommends keeping crucial content toward the middle section of the screen, as the very top and bottom sections of a traditional 9:16 vertical video will be cropped to fit to 2:3. Videos will display in full 9:16 when viewers tap a vertical video in News Feed to expand it to fullscreen.

  • Sound-on video in New Feed: FB data shows that watch time for both organic videos and video ads increases when videos play with the sound on — so FB is enabling sound-on autoplay for videos in News Feed over the coming months. To keep the experience seamless, sound fades in over 4 seconds when you scroll or pause over a video. For viewers, it’s easy to silence individual clips directly or select an “always off” option in Settings. Additionally, if a person’s mobile device is set to silent, Facebook will follow those settings and play videos with sound off.
    • What this means for Advertisers and Users: You don’t need to change your video production practices, as many people will still experience videos in News Feed with sound off. That being said, FB recommends that you avoid including any crucial audio elements within the first 4 seconds of a video, as viewers might miss them while sound is fading in.

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