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Instant Articles Placement Launch for Advertisers


First introduced in May 2015, Instant Articles is a tool designed for publishers to distribute fast, interactive articles to their readers in the Facebook mobile app. Instant Articles are simply the articles already in people’s News Feed, made faster and more engaging to provide a better experience for reading content on mobile. Facebook has seen clear evidence that Instant Articles provide a better reading experience for people, and they are more likely to read and share this content.

Facebook advertising instant articles

As this ad delivery choice rolls out, advertisers will be able to select Instant Articles as a separate ads placement option under Facebook in Power Editor and Ads Manager. The rollout is currently at 10% globally, and will continue to increase throughout the next few weeks.

For eligible mobile News Feed campaigns, advertisers will be able to extend delivery into Instant Articles and see this placement broken out in reporting, providing them more options and transparency over delivery and performance. Previously, campaigns were eligible for delivery in Instant Articles if they opted into Audience Network.

Projected rollout schedule (subject to change based on performance):
Nov 5: 10%
Dec 3: 50%
Dec 10: 100%

As a part of this change, Facebook will also provide more transparency, breaking out reporting for the Instant Articles placement.

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