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Facebook adding Jobs tab for Posting and Applying for Jobs


As reported by TechCrunch, the new jobs listings will appear on a separate ‘Jobs’ tab on your Page, where visitors will be able to browse openings and apply on platform. Once they do, the fields of the job application form will be auto-populated with their listed Facebook profile data, streamlining the process. Submitted applications will come through as a message to the Page – it’s a simple, straight-forward workflow which, according to Facebook, aligns with how small businesses, in particular, are already using their Facebook Pages to advertise open positions.


And then, of course, there’s Workplace, Facebook’s professional services offering, which was officially launched just last month.


Now it becomes even more interesting – while Facebook and Workplace are, for all intents and purposes, separate entities, there will always be the opportunity for crossover between the two as they’re fundamentally linked systems. Now, with Workplace as your in-house operational platform, you can post jobs within that workflow and advertise them on Facebook, targeted directly towards the people best suited for your role/s. You could even use your existing employees as templates, enabling you to find candidates that match those same profile characteristics and traits, ensuring they’re a perfect fit for your organization.

Facebook Benefits for Job Seekers

Because so many employers search and/or use Facebook for their recruiting, smart job seekers can successfully leverage the visibility that Facebook gives them. They can use Facebook to demonstrate how social-media-savvy they are (an important skill in today’s business world), and they can use it intelligently to also demonstrate their skills and expertise for the job they want.

Since so many employers have social media presence on Facebook and since so many of their employees use Facebook, it can become an excellent way to expand your network and connect with a new job.

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