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Audience Network extends the power of Facebook Ads

Audience Network extends the power of Facebook Ads

Audience Network is FB’s response to the popularity and demand for a system of automated display advertising coined “programatic advertising” a buzzword that became popular in the last year.

“Programatic Advertising” is automated, usually by software platforms where “impressions” are purchased through “exchanges” whereas a client can buy, let’s say 100k impressions at a set price and be offered an array of ad placement choices such as websites, blogs, and apps, for the client to display an ad.

These Exchanges offer similar but not superior targeting methodology such as Interests and Behaviors, as well as Key Word and Search Term. They can specify which Domain to serve the ads to as well.

So read through to the linked article below, and now you will have the difference between the two and the similarities.

A typical concern is “How can FB out perform the Reach in Impressions for what I’m paying the Exchange?” Yes, the reach will be similar, and I can show you during an ad create session. However, FB’s biggest competitive advantage with Audience Network vs Programatic Advertising will always go back to the fact that FB targets people not cookies.

Here is a video made by Facebook for Mobile App developers explaining how the Audience Network works. This is good to watch (forgive the somewhat robotic delivery) because it explains some of the Reporting numbers that you will see when using Audience Network, as well as how Publishers can monetize their network:

From Facebook:

What is the Audience Network?

The Audience Network is a collection of third-party apps and mobile websites approved by Facebook to show Facebook Ads—making it easy to extend your ad campaigns into apps and mobile websites that your customers use every day. Your ads reach the right people because it uses the same targeting as your Facebook campaigns—like location, age, gender, interests and more.

When you run a Facebook campaign, the ads automatically reach your audience or similar people when they use an app and mobile website that’s part of the Audience Network.

To ensure that your ads appear in brand-safe apps and mobile websites from high-quality publishers, each app and mobile website in the Audience Network goes through a manual review from Facebook. Once the app and mobile website developer or publisher is approved, they can enable Facebook Ads to appear in their apps and mobile websites. Engaging ads in more places

The Facebook Ads that run in the Audience Network—ads that get people to your website or to install or engage with your app—are designed to drive conversion and engagement.Ads in the Audience Network use the same images you use for your Facebook Ads, so there’s no need for new creative.Your ads will fit the look and feel of the apps and mobile websites where they appear, and use industry-standard formats: Banner, interstitial and native. Scale campaigns effortlessly If you’re using Ads Manager or Power Editor, your campaigns are automatically opted-in to the […]

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