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Songs by Me

Songwriting is my hobby… I recorded these tracks and I hope you enjoy them. Click on the image for lyrics. Order by: DateTitlePopularityPrice Money to Burn ›Chip [...]

5 Great Songs about Whiskey

Ahhh, the mysterious and wonderful distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash has been an inspiration to songwriters across time. Different grains are used [...]

Steel Drum Sounds From the Island

Steel Drum Sounds from the Island is a short essay on the the phenomenon known as Steel Pan. From it’s origins as a street corner past time, to it’s grand stage [...]

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In addition to producing funky little music videos, I occasionally take a stab at irony. I drink a really strong coffee, but not in a pretentious way, more like a cup of joe [...]

Rockabilly – It Sounds Good to Me

I like rockabilly because it’s raw and powerful. Even though it may be a nod to the 1950’s early guitar rock,  it still sounds great. Plus I like the look. [...]

The Groovy Christmas Song

The song “Groovy Christmas” was written & performed by my Dad in the late 60’s when he was in The Tropics band, a Florida beach garage pop band made [...]
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