Chip Souza is an American songwriter who produces funky little music videos. In addition to writing, he occasionally takes a stab at irony. He drinks a really strong coffee, but not in a pretentious way, more like a cup of joe at a greasy spoon diner at 3:AM kind of situation.

you broke six promises

You Broke Six Promises Today

A fun little ditty dedicated to that one person who couldn’t hold up their end. I think my funky little video tells the story of that relationship, and how sometimes it’s…

reno gamblin man | chip souza

I’m a Gamblin’ Man

New Video: ‘I’m a Gamblin’ Man’ Rockabilly, Alternative, Indie, Rock n Roll. More on ReverbNation >>  

Screen shot 2015-01-24 at 10.39.25 AM

Rockabilly – It Sounds Good to Me

I like rockabilly because it’s raw and powerful. Even though it may be a nod to the 1950’s early guitar rock,  it still sounds great. Plus I like the look. It’s kind…

Chip Souza Mona Lisa cover art

Mona Lisa EP available on iTunes

  Mona Lisa EP Now Available in Stores! click on these links to your favorite stores: US7Digital  |  Amazon  |  emusic  |  Google Play  |  iTunes  |  MN Digital  |  |  Rhapsody  |  Spotify The…

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